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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lesson #3: The Tutu

You could do an entire hooping routine with off the body tricks. The Tutu is a good place to start.

Hold the hoop horizontally out in front of you in your right hand with the palm of your hand facing down. Move the hoop across the front of your body and pass it to your left hand (palm also facing down), and then move the hoop behind your body and transfer the hoop back to your right hand (palm still facing down). Continue this motion as if you were creating an imaginary tutu around your waist.

Once you're comfortable with the Tutu move, you can also lift up your right leg (either in front or behind you) and pass the hoop under your leg, then follow by lifting the left. The more flexible you are the more impressive this trick looks, so I recommend stretching beforehand.

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